A quest to create an off-grid & unfeigned life in Portugal. But with some glam.

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Category: Gentle Activist

Who are you really?

43% of our habits happen subconsciously. But— while it’s just an observer, it is the conscious mind that takes all the credit for our behaviour. This creates a lot of trouble for our self-image as for the way we perceive the world.

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A year of fear and love

During the past year and a half, life was tough for most people. But, let’s be honest, it was already tough before, right? Anxieties are

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bio men

‘I brought you some biological lemons,’ Margo says. I hear a kind of contentment in her voice and look up at her, a bit confused.

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Do things well?!

I finally have what I want so there are no more excuses left for not working hard. With freedom comes a lot of responsibility. After

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Why am I anxious?

Moving abroad to have a peaceful mind but dealing with panic attacks instead. Because also in Portugal the whole world enters through Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram,

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Money is fake

Money, cash, capital, sterling, dinheiro. Davy & I we are rich. How come? Not because we have enough of it on our bank account but

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