A quest to create an off-grid & unfeigned life in Portugal. But with some glam.

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Category: Hello from Portugal

bio men

‘I brought you some biological lemons,’ Margo says. I hear a kind of contentment in her voice and look up at her, a bit confused.

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Moving forward

Be careful what you wish for. Freedom is something you have to be able to cope with. Sometimes, this Portuguese life feels like a retirement:

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Summer blues

September! And I am just about to shake off the heavy rains from spring! Sorry for not posting sooner but this had two reasons: integration

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I am migrant

I’m a wanderer, a nomad, an expat, an immigrant and a migrant. I am also named Sophie. But hey,  what’s in a name? Defining an

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Portuguese Blues

For a Belgian, the Portuguese, southern mentality often feels irrational. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance has nothing to do with Portugal and everything with white,

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What a disastrous week

Everybody dreams at least once of moving abroad. But there are no dreams achieved without some sleepless nights. On our social media people notice the

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Fire on Babylon

Ophelia created a beautiful Indian summer with amazing light in the sky that attracted amateur photographers like me. But the hot wind also brought disaster.

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