A quest to create an off-grid & unfeigned life in Portugal. But with some glam.

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Category: Sustainability

Between Porto & Ghent

Two years ago, I decided not to fly anymore within the borders of Europe. Despite the estimation that the number of air travellers will double

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I am the new elite

Hi, I am Sophie. AKA, an ex-hippie, -alternative and -hipster, and since short, member of the new elite: the ones that distinguish themselves from the

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I met Ana (33) on a beach clean up. After a burn-out and a career switch, she founded Zero Waste Portugal. She gives lectures &

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Morgane likes to travel but her ecological footprint became more and more an issue. One of the causes is time, she thought. And she decided

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Bad for business?

I set up with some Portuguese friends the platform Desplastic. We want to keep our surf spot clean from plastic. Sorting isn’t obligatory in Portugal

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Clean house project

One of the reasons for going off-grid is wanting to iron out some misunderstandings about clean energy. Technology is evolving rapidly. The possibilities to live

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Getting lucky

Why did we move abroad? Clean air. More space. More sun & outdoor activities. Less need to buy things, to follow trends. Everything in Belgium

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A bag full of shit

“Ah! Uma écologista!” says the woman in front of me when I tell the cashier in my best Portuguese that I don’t need a plastic

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