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Sophie and Davy move to Portugal in search for a life under the sun and more personal freedom. They rent a house close to exotic surf spots until they find what they were dreaming of: an abandoned quinta with two acres of land in the hearth of a rolling and mysterious village.

They learn the local language, habits and logic thinking of the farmers and villagers. Often through beautiful portuguese dishes, but more so through the angle of the sun, and the rainfall that defines the waves, the mood, the vegetable garden and even the course of time.

Follow the couple in their search to balance the best of two worlds, an adventure with ups and downs, filled with curious astonishment, staggering loneliness, marriage problems , personal victories and a malicious contractor. Everything has its price, but the one who perseveres, conquers.

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I write about personal freedom & sustainability. Primarily, straight from the heart and for myself. I want to understand. And I want to share my quest because I believe that we all could be more activist (critical) when it comes down to not only our personal needs & beliefs, but also those of the community we grew up in.

What can we do to make a better place from our heart & home, from our street, our town and our world?

I hope the content of this digital place can help you with your personal journey. Take what works for you and leace what doesn’t. But if you are stuck & confused with this money driven world, and feel like living like your own life (often more simple), ‘building character’, then you are at the right spot!

Writer. Healthy Habits. Kind rebel.

ScrambleD is more than a retreat; it’s about your one precious life.

Pictures of the farm, spaces and atmosphere.

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