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We moved to Portugal in search for a life with more sun and personal freedom. In Belgium we had everything we wanted but a little voice kept saying that it is hard to be ourselves in a society where a competitive spirit and stress is always lurking nearby.

After two years we found a place for a more healthy lifestyle: an abandoned, shabby quinta with two acres of land in the hearth of a rolling and mysterious village.

The book is divided in seven basic needs where we fought for: Freedom, Warmth, Shelter, Community, Food and Love.

But this is not a book about finding happiness. It’s a story about going back to basics, and being content with small things. And understanding that it’ll do.

My book is about finding balance between the best of two worlds, an adventure with ups and downs, filled with curious astonishment, staggering loneliness, marriage problems, personal victories and a malicious contractor. Everything has its price, but the one who perseveres, conquers.

Only available in Dutch…

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I write about personal freedom & Healthy Habits. Primarily, straight from the heart and for myself. I want to understand. But I want to share my quest because I believe that we all could be more activist (critical) when it comes down to not only our personal needs & beliefs, but also those of the community we grew up in.

These values can be found in ScrambleD, a place we are creating on our piece of land for people who need to plug out from a tocxic society in order to find back their own personal potential in a quiet space. 
We don’t focus on the goals here, but tackle small action & choices that cause a ripple effect in daily life.

I hope the content of this digital place can give some insight in how you perceive your personal life, but everybody is different so take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. 



Writer. Healthy Habits. Kind rebel.

ScrambleD is more than a retreat; it’s about your one precious life.

Pictures of the farm, spaces and atmosphere.

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