Hey there!

A little bit about ourselves first: we are Sophie & Davy and moved to Portugal, not to chase a dream but rather a good spot under the sun and a safe place for our personal values.

We like to surf, to eat good, local food, to live outside, experience the sound of nature and embrace simplicity.

We found that spot in Romariz, in the North of Portugal, and renovated an abandoned quinta with a nice piece of land around it.

But what does this mean if you can’t share a spot that generates such a peace of mind?

That is why we are creating ScrambleD, a shelter for people who need to plug out from a stressful society, and need time and helpt to reset and find (back) their own potential.

Here, people can turn off the treadmill and use their hands & body instead; on the land, in the kitchen, on the surfboard, during yoga, a creative workshop, or just change the mindset with a good book.


Honestly, this is the first time we are gardening ourselves. We listen to the advice we get from the people from the village and move on with it.

We believe in the amazing energy good food, free from pesticides, gives you.

In the biodiversity of a garden with flowers, bees, running water, animals, forest or just plain grass.


Yep, from the land, straight to our plate. Nothing beats that sensation of planting seeds, see them grow on their own, in tiny energy bombs, and creating a beautiful dish with it.

In the kitchen we connect with the earth again, and with ourselves. Around the table we root and connect, open a bottle of Portuguese wine and share food and stories.

Yoga & meditation


Yoga is not something floaty or hippie. It is the exact opposite: it’s rooting. For yourself and with your nature.

Yoga is observing yourself and taking responsibility. Yoga prepares you for mental work. And we will guide you through it.

Yoga prepares the mind for meditation, and meditation learns you to deal with what life throws at you.


Only if you are up to it! But surfing is a good exercise of letting go.

Letting go fear and literally embracing the waves of nature, riding life itself and spending time in a nice community with like minded people who understand what freedom means.


Knowledge is key. Read books about or from people who deal with the same mind troubles as you do and take it in.

Their experience and words, will help you.

You can live a hundred life experiences by just reading books and finding comfort in words that resonate in you.